Our Appraisal Rates

We are pleased to provide you with a listing of our services and the applicable rates.  Should your particular survey requirements not fall into one of the listed services, please contact us and we would be pleased to discuss your particular requirements and provide you with a personalized quotation for the assignment.


Fibreglass Construction: MODEL YEAR 2000 TO CURRENT

Up to and including 24’                      Flat Rate Charge of $395.00

25’ to 33’                                               $17/ft

34’ to 42’                                               $18/ft

47’ to 54’                                               $20/ft

51’ and up                                            (Contact us – prices vary)


Wood Construction:

Antique and Classic Boats up 25’         $450.00

Antique and Classic Boats 26’ to 40’   $18/ft      (Runabout style)

Antique and Classic Boats 26’ to 40’   $20/ft      (Cabin boats)

Wood Cruisers up to 30’                       $20/ft     (Minimum $450.00)

Wood Cruisers 31’ to 40’                      $22/ft

Wood Cruisers over 40’                        On Request

NOTE:  Rates are subject to change or adjustment without prior notice


Tonnage Survey – Upon Request

Damage Surveys – Invoiced at the prevailing hourly rate plus travel and expenses

Consulting Services  – Invoiced at the prevailing hourly rate plus travel and expenses

  • Condition and Valuation Surveys are billed on a per foot basis with the manufacturer’s model designation used as the basis for the vessel length. For example a Sea Ray 310 will be taken as a 31’ vessel regardless of the actual measured length.
  • Nominal travel fees are additional to the stated rates and will be quoted on an individual basis. Due to increasing vehicle operating costs, a minimum travel charge of $15 will apply to all jobs.  All rates are subject to taxes applicable at the time of invoicing.
  • Reports are forwarded to the client by email in a secure PDF format once payment has been received by our office. Printed copies are only issued on request, subject to additional cost of $30 plus tax.
  • A verbal report will be offered on completion of the inspection, followed-up with the formal written report. All attempts are made to have reports to our clients in a timely manner.  If there is a known deadline to meet, please advise us at the time of the booking and we will ensure it is met.


NOTE:  Credit card account number with expiration date is required at the time of booking to have the inspection placed into the schedule.  Charges are processed to the account upon completion of the report, and prior to issuance of the report to the client.