Pre-Purchase Condition and Valuation Survey

Our pre-purchase C & V survey is a thorough inspection of the vessel as allowed by normal access, carried out through non-destructive and non-evasive means, exploring and detailing the overall structural condition of the hull and deck assemblies. The vessel's systems are also subjected to visual inspection for adherence to ABYC voluntary standards, as well as Transport Canada TP1332 Construction Standards for Small Vessels.

It is strongly recommended that the vessel be hauled from the water for a pre-purchase survey to allow inspection of the bottom. The bottom is subjected to a thorough hammer "sounding" of the surfaces to check for structural defects, as well as a visual inspection for the presence of fracturing, prior damage/repairs and osmotic blistering, with moisture readings taken as allowed by prevailing conditions. The drive(s) / running gear are also visually inspected as part of the bottom inspection.

This type of survey is essential to assist a prospective purchaser in making an informed purchase decision.


Pre-Sale Condition and Valuation Survey

It is strongly recommended that anyone listing their boat for sale have a pre-sale survey carried out.

The inspection is the same as the pre-purchase survey, and will alert the seller to any deficiencies, minor or major, that may exist within the boat prior to the sale. The owner can then decide to address any deficiencies prior to the purchaser's surveyor arriving, or adjust the price and sell it as is.

Too often a survey is carried out just days prior to the anticipated closing, turning up previously unknown deficiencies that can derail the sale and create added work for the seller. Knowing the condition of the vessel in advance can prevent un-needed stress for all involved and will assist in the sale of the vessel.


Click here for a Survey Boarding Agreement / Scope of Survey Document (PDF).

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